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Canadian Towing Equipment Used by Cheap Towing Mississauga

The safety of the towing service is dependent on the equipment used by the company. Low-quality equipment can cause an accident and risk many precious lives as well as the worthy vehicles. Cheap Towing Mississauga is highly conscious about the equipment they use never compromise over the quality. Certified Canadian towing equipment is used for towing service which can easily endure high pressure and load. Towing trucks are brought from renowned companies and their efficiency is checked on the daily basis as we know that a poor towing truck or equipment will need to be towed instead of helping the other vehicle. Let’s take a look at the equipment we use for our towing services.

Canadian Towing Equipment

Tensile strength, the capability to bear the load, and strong grip are the basic needs of a towing service and Canadian towing equipment holds all the aforementioned qualities.

  • Towing Trucks

Flatbed, hook & chain, and the wheel lift are the three different types of towing trucks we use. Flatbed is also known as slide or rollback truck which is lifted with hydraulically inclined bed and the car being towed in placed on the bed. It’s mostly used in emergencies and poses no risk to the vehicle due to the no drag.

Hook & chain trucks use a hook and chain to drag the vehicle behind it. An axle or frame is used to connect the truck with the vehicle and chain is used to drag the read part. We use rarely use this conventional type of trucks and opt for this option when the car is already damaged and or has to remove from the road immediately.

The wheel-lift is one of the finest ways of towing. Towing truck lifts the car from the wheels and then drags it from behind. Metal yoke and hydraulic system are used in this type of trucks. They are safe and highly recommended the towing type of experts due to the minimum or no damage.

  • Hitch Accessories

Cheap Towing Mississauga relies on top quality Canadian towing equipment and hitch accessories are the most important one because their strength and design determine the efficiency of the task. A well-designed hitch equipment can save the time by making a job simple. Ball mounts, hitch locks, winches, drop hitch receivers, hitch safety chains are the equipment we use in hitch towing service.

  • Protective Towing Equipment

The safety of the vehicle is important to avoid further damage. Canadian towing equipment offers trailer wiring, towing safety cables, breakaway kits, towing steering stabilizer, and tow hooks for protective towing. These accessories help the workers to safely tow the vehicle and lift in an adequate manner.

  • Tow Bars

Tow bars make the towing job very convenient and simple. We have multiple types of tow bars and the workers check the tow bar of the vehicle before using a tow bar. Trained and professional persons are specified for this job and not everyone is allowed for it. Self-aligning car-mounted tow bars, drawbar pull, rigid A-frame tow bar, and self-aligning car mounted-tow bar are some major types of tow bard we use in the towing service.

  • Helping Equipment

Cheap Towing Mississauga never neglects the safety factor as the lives of our customers and their valuables are very dear to us. We use additional equipment to maximize the safety and provide flawless towing service. Trailer spindles, axle spring seats, spare tire mount, suspension bolts, and lube pumps for towing are the part of our additional equipment.

We always prefer Canadian towing equipment which meets high standards and offer optimal results. That’s why you can trust us blindly and handing over your vehicle to us will never disappoint you ever.

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